A jar of chocolate brownie walnut butter
Nutrition panel for chocolate brownie walnut butter. Ingredient include walnuts, powdered sugar, cocoa, and sea salt.
Chocolate brownie walnut butter used in a breakfast bowl
Close up of a breakfast bowl using chocolate brownie walnut butter
Chocolate brownie walnut butter dripping down a stack of chocolate cake and fresh fruit
Chocolate brownie walnut butter used in a walnut butter and jelly sandwich

9oz Chocolate Brownie Walnut Butter

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A dark and sweet nut butter spread that will remind you of making brownies with Grandma. Tastes like dessert, but remains very low in sugar.  No flavorings. Thick and smooth texture like peanut butter, but light fluffy when stirred thoroughly. Not as dense or as runny as most other nut butters. 7 net carbs per serving (2 Tbsp.).