Sweet Potato Casserole - Super Clean, Super Easy (Uses Coconut Walnuts)

This sweet potato casserole is a long-time favorite because it is SO darn easy and it isn't loaded with sugar and marshmallows and all the garbage that makes sweet potato casserole more of a dessert than a healthy side.

Don't get us wrong - this one is still SUPER tasty!

Secret ingredient? Coconut.

Who knew that coconut and sweet potato went so well together? Our Friend Chris, that's who. Don't tell him we stole this idea...

Anyway, you'll be pleased that this recipe only involves 3 ingredients!!!

- sweet potatoes

- virgin coconut oil

- CGN Coconut Walnuts.

Here's the recipe, but feel free to improvise:


2 sweet potatoes/yams 3 Tbsp Coconut oil 8 oz. Crazy Go Nuts Coconut Walnuts

Shred sweet potatoes like hash browns, drizzle coconut oil evenly over top. Crush up coconut walnuts with a rolling pin or stick them in the blender for a quick pulse. Sprinkle them over top like a crust. Bake on 350 for 30 minutes.


Here's a video if you need more detailed instructions and tips.

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