Green Bean Casserole with Garlic Parmesan Walnuts

Add an extra little crunch to your classic dish, or if you're watching your carbs - replace those fried onions.

Inside or out?

There are three ways to use Garlic Parmesan Walnuts in your green bean casserole.

- Just dump them into the mix to add a little bust of flavor throughout

- Grind them in your blender and spread in the bottom of your dish for a quiche-like crust.

- Crush them gently in the blender or with a rolling pin and sprinkle on top - the same way you might do your friend onions.


Need a recipe?

While we just look at the side of a can of soup for our recipe, feel free to explore some others. Click here for a great one from the posted photo by @iwashyoudry.

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